Retail Strategy Experts Marshalling availability, visibility and compliance; delivering millions of pounds of incremental sales for over 25 years…

Spend less & achieve more.

Our advantage lies in an ability to do the detail better than anyone else.

We never stand still, ever seeking creative new ways of working and how to outsmart our clients’ competitors in the place that matters most – point of purchase. Doing more calls just doesn’t cut it nowadays. Every FMCG supplier wants exactly the same thing from their field sales team. Do it better is our mantra.

Let’s talk about the six key metrics that drive our success


Immersing ourselves in our clients’ business we  analyse real time data to gain in depth knowledge of our clients’ brands and their trading position in the market. We truly understand the challenges and opportunities, delivering tailor-made activity plans. A ‘one size fits all‘ approach fits no one!


Managing and mobilising a flexible, talented, nationwide field sales network, we steer them around the country faster and better than anyone else. All PAYE employed, all results oriented.


We rarely call just because stores are on a fixed call file.  Week in, week out NEVER pays back best!

We spend our time understanding when, where and what delivers the best possible incremental sales value every time we cross the threshold. We can then target SKU level opportunities, problems or bottlenecks, mitigating exposure and risk, maximising availability, sales and ROI.


Our ability to support our clients’ plans on-the-fly. From single-day, one-off activity to the provision of full-time and permanent sales teams. Always proactive – never complacent… flexible and agile to effectively and efficiently meet the demands and needs of our clients, never just to fit in with our own agenda.


Everything is reported in real time, 100% of the time – open, honest, transparent. Our systems and ways of working allow us to tell you EXACTLY what has been delivered, not just a finger in the air or pie in the sky nonsense. Pure, hard fact. Good, bad or ugly, but most often excellent!


Return on your investment is the beginning, middle and end of every activity! We won’t allow you to waste your money if we don’t think we can add value. There is always a way, but not always the traditional way.

We will teach you how to spend less to deliver more. Intelligent, insightful. How did you ever do without us?!


Best entry to win success ratio of any other FM agency, ever! Proud and consistent winners of countless awards – here’s a small selection

2017 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Most Effective Instore Marketing [Wrigley]
  • SILVER – Most Effective Instore Marketing [Wm Grant & Sons]
  • SILVER – Field Data Award [Wrigley]
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Tactical Campaign [Wm Grant & Sons]
  • BRONZE – Field Marketing Agency of the Year

2016 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Most Effective Tactical Campaign [Tassimo]
  • SILVER – Field Data Award [Wrigley]
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Instore Marketing [Tassimo]
  • BRONZE – Brand Ambassador of the Year [Jacobs Douwe Egberts]

2016 Nottingham Post Business Awards

  • WINNER – Services Award

2016 Nottingham Women in Business Award

  • WINNER – Sally Davis, MD Logobrand

2015 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Field Marketing Agency of the Year
  • GOLD – Most Effective Small Scale/Local Campaign [Müller]
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Tactical Marketing [Wm Grant & Sons]

2014 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Most Effective Tactical Marketing [Wm Grant & Sons]
  • BRONZE – Most Effective Instore Marketing [Wrigley]

2013 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Field Insight Award [Müller]
  • SILVER – Most Effective Instore Marketing [Britvic]

2012 Field Marketing Awards

  • GOLD – Most Effective Tactical Campaign [McCain]
  • BRONZE – Product Launch of the Year [McCain]

Our Team

The great and the good.
All great. All better than good.

  • Sally Davis

    Managing Director

  • Peter Burke

    Founding Director

  • Mary Parrish

    Client Services Director

  • Jackie Carter

    Finance & HR Director

  • Clare Ashley

    Resource Manager

  • Ella Perkins

    Account Manager

  • Daisy Afford

    Account Manager

  • Nick Boston

    HR & Payroll

  • Amanda Howard


  • Jimmy Hayton

    Account Director

  • Pete Hall

    IT Director

  • Debra Halford


  • Neil Healy

    Operations Manager

  • Amanda Poxton

    Account Director

  • Cath Rodkoff

    Transition Manager

  • Samantha Foley

    Account Manager

  • Martin Killick

    Field Resource Manager

Our Service Guarantee

Safeguard the merchandising, supply and promotion of your product at point-of-purchase. Ensuring you receive exactly what you pay for.

Our clients include...

Frank Wainwright, FMBE Magazine and Awards Director

“One of the great pleasures in hosting the Field Marketing awards through 13 years has been the insight into top performing agencies whilst chairing our client judged sessions.

A Logobrand entry is always a special one, the proverbial shoo-in for the shortlist. Whoever judges (and they are typicaly very senior) the result is always the same, impressed by the content, the work that was undertaken, the clarity of the vision, the innovation and, of course, the results. Logobrand has always been a force for dynamic store availability and detailed accountability, and unsurprisingly wins at FMBE Awards with a success strike rate few can aspire to.

Underpinning the data driven store resullts are a management and field team that are always enthusiastic to take their work forwards whilst being joyful and supportive at all points of contact.”

Shopper Marketing Manager, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

“Logobrand are fantastic to work with, their flexibility and personal approach means they always deliver against any task or problem no matter how quickly we need it actioned.

They always strive for excellent results and continuous improvement in ROI, I really appreciate their honesty when it comes to improving ways of working and budget/call management.”

Sue Martin, Logobrand Field Sales Support

“I have been part of the Logobrand team for over 17 years, it has been a pleasure working with such an ethical, caring company. I am married with three children, all of whom have worked for Logobrand at some time or another. I now have two grandchildren, who at nine and seven are a little young to be out in the field yet but who knows what could happen in the future?”

Customer Contact Strategy Manager, Molson Coors

“I have had a vision for some time now how I believe Grocery Field Sales should be approached and executed. I didn’t think that a solution for that vision existed until I met Logobrand. It was as if they had read my mind.

Their whole approach, philosophy and deliverables, resonated completely with my ideals.

From day 1 of my dealings with the team I have been inspired by the potential of what we can jointly achieve. They were keen to put me in touch with several other clients to get feedback of how effective their approach was in action. The feedback and support for Logobrand from these clients was impressive.

They have taken care to understand our business and our trading position with retailers before rushing out to do just do calls, which is refreshing.

We are operating utilising true data driven flexibility, focusing on our business needs. I am genuinely excited by the interaction, results and the ‘blue sky thinking’ that appears to actually just be the norm for Logobrand!”

Trade Marketing Manager, Müller

“Since working with Logobrand we have been impressed with the excellent ways of working our Logobrand colleagues have with the Müller Operational Marketing team. Each account has tailored reporting delivered in a timely manner and Logobrand’s dynamic and responsive approach to Müller’s requirements fits well within our business.

Above all, it is important to Müller that our field marketing agency has confidence to push back when they feel our demands do not match the interests of ROI delivery and core business objectives. By working with Logobrand we know they are the experts and are strong enough to challenge our ideas in a constructive and mutually beneficial manner.”

Business Account Manager, Wm Grant & Son

“Logobrand have done an outstanding job on this… you know the final mile is always the hardest, and you truly delivered. 99% compliant for FSDU placement is amazing and totally unheard of within the grocery sector…

This is the highest level of compliance I have ever experienced on shippers.”

National Account Executive, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

“I always enjoy working with Logobrand, the guys listen carefully to what we are trying to achieve as a business and they ‘get it’ very quickly.

They respond to questions almost immediately and address projects and problems effectively, professionally and always deliver a solution with a personal touch.

They offer detailed insight into the world of ‘in-store’ along with a wealth of knowledge and a fresh outlook. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you are working with a 3rd party supplier because you can feel like you are ‘spoon feeding’ so it is very helpful that Logobrand are so good at what they do and you can trust them to deliver.”