Logobrand’s Daisy Afford writes about her first year with the business, highlighting the things she knows, the things she doesn’t know, and the things she doesn’t know… she doesn’t know.


I joined Logobrand in October 2016, working from our Nottingham HQ as Account & Marketing Executive. Here’s a rundown of ten things I have learnt since starting…


You can’t doubt the numbers. Ever. Being a data-driven agency, it is evident that what we do makes a difference to our clients and this can be shown through everything from sales data to exceptions returns. The numbers don’t lie. Across all applications.


Excel is my best friend and I’m finding it hard to believe I’ve written this. I started at Logobrand with, I’ll admit, a bit of an Excel phobia. But there is not a minute of the day where I don’t have a worksheet open, or an hour that goes by where I’m not using it. Its usefulness – at times – appears limitless.


Things change – and they change a lot. Whether it’s an updated retail plan, a change in client requests, or even stores closing and opening in new locations. This is just how it is and doing the job well means being able to react and adapt.


Communication is key, especially when working with a nationwide team and operating from offices in the Midlands and South. The ways in which we communicate enable us to operate our Logobrand machine efficiently and effectively at all times.


I make a terrible brew. It’s a good job I don’t drink tea, because I can’t make the stuff.


There is a host of knowledge available in the Logobrand office. Use it. With what seems at times like a million years of shared experience within the retail sector, I am working alongside some talented and knowledgeable people. I can confidently say I have learnt so much just by asking questions of the people that sit around me.


I can’t enter a grocery retailer without looking at… everything. This can be a little frustrating when only nipping to the shop for some crisps and pop. Only to end up spending an hour making sure all our clients’ feature space is as it should be. But it proves hard to resist. Particularly when you know how much of an impact it can have on results.


Feedback is invaluable. I like the fact that our field team are not afraid to push back and challenge our ways of working in order to help us evolve and to also exceed the expectations of our clients.


It has made me realise that there are so many places in the country that I had never as much of heard of let alone visited. As our team cover stores nationwide, I am often receiving calls from field reps working in unfamiliar places and regularly find myself having a quick look on Google Maps to see where in the country they are. Until I look it up, I’ve often no idea whether it’s a fishing village in East Anglia or a remote part of the Scottish Highlands.


Finally, it’s a bit cheesy but I thoroughly enjoy what I do and am proud to be part of such a great team at Logobrand. I guess that’s two things, making it 11 of the best.