Technology & Data

Our fantastic systems team ensure that we are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to technology. Our bespoke Field App not only includes data and image capture, but also provides journey planning, store level sales presenters, store level data and historical visit information.

Availability Manager

Availability Manager

‘Availability Manager’ our web-based number crunching tool analyses daily retailer EPOS data (ranging, stock & sales) and field captured data in real time providing real time alerts, reports, trend information and most importantly insights.

This is a highly creative, ever developing tool which takes the place of the best analyst in the world (or several!), providing information at a click of a mouse that could take an analyst hours to produce.

This really helps us give our clients the leading edge not only real time visibility of their trading performance by account, down to store and SKU level, it also creates early warning alerts highlighting potential issues before they occur. It is used for managing promotional performance, NPD/launches, stocks, on shelf availability and highlights and predicts issues at store level. We use the insight the data gives us to make informed decisions:


• When to call   • Where to call   • What to do in call   = maximise return for crossing the threshold of a store.

Real Time

Tech RTS

Real Time Store Level, SKU Level Objectives

Many claim to utilise & action real time sales data – we actually do.

Yesterday’s data drives todays actions and tomorrows sales drives our ROI model at SKU level.

It may sound complex but we think its really simple, its effective it’s totally transparent and that’s the way we like it.

Field briefs are bespoke not only to each store but each SKU within a store. We create SKU level objectives for each store for the field team, prioritised in order of highest Lost Sales/Opportunity Value.

SKUs can be prioritised for support such as NPD or TV advertised SKUs and generic account level activity can also be added.

We’ve been handling real time data for over 10 years. We’re not still experimenting.

We are experts and really know how it’s done, but we are constantly developing to remain 10 steps ahead of the game.

Data Capture

In Store Data Capture – The Logobrand App

Our Field team app, downloadable in seconds, works on any device providing field teams with every bit of information they need to maximise ROI in each individual store. Journey planning, scheduling & prioritising calls and providing not only store level, but SKU level objectives in real time.

Data Capture, Data sharing & photos transmitted to our real time reporting sites viewable by clients before our reps have even left the store. Easy…


Sales Data


Sales Data Driven ROI

Using SKU level EPOS data enables us to calculate ROI in real-time demonstrating the actual value delivered as a direct result of the field teams individual actions by SKU and by action type.

We are able to identify the route cause of the issues both at store and SKU level, what action/interventi on was necessary to fix the issues, and what impact the fix has had on sales.

We believe this to be the most robust method used by any agency as it is 100% sales based.

Like the rest of our systems, it is a constantly evolving model.

Action Based Field Team Performance Management

Action Based Field Team Performance Management

No other agency measures their field team using real time sales data.

We know exactly who has achieved exactly what for our clients this week and what impact on sales, availably and compliance we are having not just in every account, but in every call.

There is no better way of monitoring, evaluating & managing field performance.




Introducing a new breed of ‘Real Time Reporting’- LiveDecks

Logobrand was first to market with Real Time web reporting years ago.

Our web reporting systems are still head and shoulders above the rest but it’s a bit old hat. Which is why we have developed LiveDecks.

LiveDecks is a dynamic real time reporting system that pulls live data from different sources and compiles a fully dynamic report of the data that you need right now and it updates in front of your eyes.

Bye bye to death by Powerpoint…