Our Team

Managing Director

Quite Simply …The Boss! Results driven. Likes a challenge & always finds a solution to any problem
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Founding Director

Data, Systems, Technology & Retail Solutions Guru (or Geek..!)
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Client Services Director

Mary knows about being the client! She challenges what we do in store to ensure we deliver exactly what our clients want


Operations Director

Cath juggles a lot and is extremely good at it!

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Finance & HR Director

Jackie makes everything balance and ensures the team are happy bunnies.


IT Director

Pete is our technical wizard! He and his team develop & manage all of our fantastic systems.


Client Services Manager

Neil is a cool and calm character, with an extensive background in retail, category and merchandising principles


National Field Manager

Clare ensures that the right people do the right work at the right time. An easy job!


Client Services

Ella is a meticulous project planner with amazing attention to detail



Makes sure we are all paid correctly & we are a happy team . A vitally important role!


Field Team Liason Manager

Controlling our team territories and manages field team recruitment



Has been assisting with ‘The Books’ at Logobrand  for 20 years …and she still looks so young!


Client Services

Liases with the field team to ensure activites run smoothly


Technical Support Manager

Kev is part of the Logobrand furniture – Over 15 years of supporting all things technical ….


HR & Payroll 

Pays the team and keeps them happy!



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Our field team

We have a large workforce, all PAYE employees, none contracted out. We cover the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland and we can react very quickly to our client needs.

Our field teams are carefully selected and we monitor them using real time sales data to calculate their individual effect on our clients sales.

Our retention rate far exceeds any industry standards and we believe in paying our field staff the best rates to attract and retain the best, and reward them for their loyalty, dedication and professionalism.

What Our Field Team Members Say

  • I love supporting the fantastic brands in our impressive portfolio of clients. Head Office are supportive and really care about the field team. Our work is always challenging, but very rewarding. I'm proud to work for the Field Marketing Agency of the Year - We are clearly No.1 for many reasons!

    Helen Thompson

  • I enjoy working for Logobrand for the variety of work with the different clients and the flexible dates given for coverage which suits me as I work now three days per week.

    Peter Whitehead

  • I like to work for logobrand, as the work is varied, and head office is very supportive. i can plan my own time, and i feel im trusted to get on with my work as best i can.

    Helen Nightingale

  • Love my job working for Logobrand enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the work and there is nothing better then standing back a looking at your completed job

    Chris Hyomes

  • I find Logobrand the best Field Marketing company around. Well organised, loyal. I get job satisfaction from making sure that when I leave a store I have done everything I can, and myself and the store are happy

    Sue Green