A Holistic client service offering.
Concept to delivery.

Field Marketing Intelligence

Virtuous circle of service: from tech out to checkout.

01 Availability Support

Availability support
Spotting gaps quickly, ensuring your products are always in stock, and available on shelf.

02 Merchandising

Plugging distribution gaps on shelf, ensuring your product looks just right in front of your customers. Creating points of interruption across the store.

03 Auditing

Informed insights via the collection of robust store level data to determine the exact trading position/trends in store. Meaningful, useable, insightful outputs to drive intelligence and actual change rather than just so what?!

04 Sales

Influencing ranging and maximising sales opportunities in store. Leveraging our sales skills and in-store relationships to drive visibility and incremental displays.

05 POS Implementation

POS implementation
Grabbing attention for your brands by walking in, assembling and positioning on and off shelf Point of Sale materials, creating additional points of visibility throughout the store.

06 Promotional activation

Promotional activation
Ensuring your promotion is live, active, well signposted, impactful, that stock is plentiful and that you are getting the you space paid for, and a little bit more! Ensuring the competition don’t steal your space.

07 NPD speed to shelf

NPD speed to shelf
Driving fast distribution to ensure any new products are available as quickly as possible to shoppers. Identifying stores that are not selling and need support rather than a costly blanket approach!

08 Planogram compliance

Planogram compliance
Getting you what you pay for. Ensuring your products have the correct location and space on shelf. Negotiating additional.

09 Range Implementation

Range Implementation
Ensuring your portfolio is properly represented in store as soon as range changes are agreed.

10 Telesales

Speaking/Selling directly to retailers on your behalf. We provide you with a cost-effective route to support increased sales.

11 Store & SKU level issues

Store & SKU level issues
Identifying, solving issues and maximising opportunity at individual store and SKU level to maximise efficiency.

12 Stock & inventory error rectification

Stock & inventory error rectification
Speedy identification and rectification of any stock issues that prevent or hinder sales.

13 Order processing

Order processing
Transfer trading and capacity influence to drive volume stock into store, maximising sales and profit opportunities.

14 Real-time EPOS data analysis

Real-time EPOS data analysis
Intelligently interpreting real-time retailer data to make informed decisions on where you really need support to maximise sales and ROI.

Our Service

Put simply, we supply sales teams to promote products at point-of-purchase to ensure clients receive exactly what they pay for.

Technology is the way forward!

We invest heavily in our own in house technology team who design, develop and manage all of our systems – and this makes us pretty unique in our industry. No one size fits all here, as actually one size fits no one! Our systems are all written by us, for us to give us the leading edge on our competitors and keep our clients one step again of the game. Real-time visibility, transparency and ultimate efficiency through every function of our business. Streamlined to perfection… Our systems are so good our clients use them globally you can find out more about our systems business by clicking here