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Our Technology

Our bespoke in-the-field-app not only includes data and image capture functionality, but also provides journey planning, store level sales presenters, store level data and historical visit information.

Industry Leading Field Team Tools
In-store data capture.

Our field team app – downloadable in seconds – works on any device, providing each member of the field team with every item of information they could possibly need to maximise your return in store.

We can plan journeys, schedule and prioritise visits as well as highlight real-time store and SKU level issues, objectives, opportunity and sales potential. No two store briefs have to be the same. Data, images and photos are captured, data is shared to clients via live reporting, website and iPad apps before the team even leave the store.

Trading Insights & In-store calibration
Availability Manager.

Creating early warning alerts, highlighting potential issues before they occur.

Used for managing promotional performance, NPD/launches, stock levels, on-shelf availability and highlights whilst predicting issues at store level.
A stand alone tool used also by suppliers with and without their own field forces.

Please contact for a free size of prize analysis.

Our bespoke web-based number-crunching tool designed to analyse daily real-time retailer EPOS data (ranging, stock & sales) and field-captured data in real time, providing immediate alerts, reports, trend information and insight

A highly-evolved platform, realigning and aggregating as it goes. Providing in a click, what would previously have been impossible for an analyst to generate and present.

Provides clients with the real-time visibility on trading performance by account, matched against field and search criteria.

Using Insight To Inform Decision-Making:

When to call? Where to call?
What needs to happen during that call?

Maximise return upon crossing the store threshold.

It’s our formula to success that we can teach you

One-tap Insight
Real-time store level & SKU level objectives.

Many claim to work with real-time sales data. Few actually do. The Logobrand reality is that yesterday’s data drives today’s actions. Where tomorrow’s sales drive ROI via maintained stock-keeping levels and visibility. It’s that simple.

Each field brief is developed with the client and is bespoke to each store and to each stocked item within that store. This creates stock level objectives for the field team to assess, appraise and evaluate.

SKUs can be prioritised for support to include NPD or TV-advertised variants, as well as including generic account level activity.

Tried & Tested

Having analysed and Interpreted real-time data for over 15 years, we are confident where we stand. Head of the field. At the top of the game.

Real-time measuring sales
Data-driven ROI.

Using SKU level EPOS data enables us to calculate ROI in real-time. Whilst allowing us to demonstrate the actual value delivered as a direct result of the field team’s individual actions by SKU and by action type.

With root causes identified from first contact localised issues are able to be fixed. Allowing the right solution or intervention to be actioned, whilst calculating what impact the work-around has had on sales. We believe this to be the most comprehensive and robust method of monitoring used by any agency. As well as being 100 per cent informed by sales.

Experiential response.
Action-based field team performance management.

No other agency measures their field team’s performance using real-time sales data. It allows us to know exactly which operative has achieved exactly what for our clients each week, and what impact that has had on sales, availability and compliance.

Across every account.By every call.

There is no better way of monitoring, evaluating and managing field performance.

LiveDecks™ – the new breed of ‘real-time reporting’.

First to market with real-time web reporting, our systems remain the industry benchmark today.

LiveDecks is our dynamic pulse, measuring live data from different sources before compiling a fully dynamic report. No ‘death by PowerPoint’.